Created: 12 June, 2011
Updated: January 31, 2023
DMH giving a lecture an Institute for Humane Studies Summer Seminar c. mid-1990s. He is explaining the Higgs' "ratchet effect" of the growth of state power.
DMH giving a lecture at a Foundation for Economic Education Summer Seminar in 2010 on the ruling class & the state.

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  1. 21 Nov., 2016: “Charles Coquelin, Gustave de Molinari, Frédéric Bastiat and the “Austrian Moment” in French Political Economy 1845-1855: Part II. Molinari and the Private Production of Security”. A Paper given at the Southern Economic Association Annual Meeting, Washington, DC. [HTML]
  2. May, 2016: "Bastiat’s Theory of Class: The Plunderers vs. the Plundered.” This is the Introductory Essay for a bi-lingual edition of Frédéric Bastiat's writings on class and plunder which is in preparation. It is an attempt to reconstruct from his scattered writings on class the History of Plunder he planned to write but never did. The anthology of around 15 texts is in an early stage of editing and will be added later. [HTML]
  3. 28 March, 2016: “The Struggle against Protectionism, Socialism, and the Bureaucratic State: The Economic Thought of Gustave de Molinari, 1845-1855.” A Paper given at the Austrian Economics Research Conference (31 March to 2 April 2016),
    The Mises Institute, Auburn, Alabama. [HTML]



  1. 21-23 November, 2015: "Entrepreneurs, Investors, and Scribblers: An Austrian Analysis of the Structure of Production and Distribution of Ideas". A paper given at the Southern Economics Association, New Orleans, November 21-23, 2015. HTML and PDF.
  2. 2 Oct. 2015: "Reassessing Frédéric Bastiat as an Economic Theorist". A paper presented to the Free Market Institute, Texas Tech University, Lubbock, TX, October 2, 2015. HTML and PDF.
  3. 13-19 June, 2015: IHS Advanced Studies Summer Seminar, “Liberty & Scholarship: Challenges and Critiques” Bryn Mawr College, Philadelphia, PA. Lectures on (readings to come):
    1. "The Classical Liberal Tradition - A History of Ideas and Movements over 400 Years" - [PDF 12 MB] and [HTML]
    2. "Images of Liberty and Power: State Propaganda and its Subversion" [PDF 25 MB]
    3. "Competing Visions of the Future: Socialist and Classical Liberal" - [PDF 6MB] and [HTML]
  4. 12 May, 2015: "Who put the 'Bastiat' in the Bastiat Society?". A talk given to the Bastiat Society of Nashville, TN. Text of Lecture (HTML) - Overhead Images (PDF)
  5. 14 April, 2015: "Literature IN Economics, and Economics AS Literature I: Bastiat's use of Literature in Defense of Free Markets and his Rhetoric of Economic Liberty." A paper given at the Association of Private Enterprise Education International Conference (April 12-14, 2015) , Cancún, Mexico. HTML and PDF.
  6. 14 April, 2015: "Literature IN Economics, and Economics AS Literature II: The Economics of Robinson Crusoe from Defoe to Rothbard by way of Bastiat." (Draft). A paper given at the Association of Private Enterprise Education International Conference (April 12-14, 2015) , Cancún, Mexico. HTML and PDF. An earlier working title was "Robinson Crusoe and Praxeology: A History".
  7. 6 April, 2015: A revised translation of Molinari's "Eleventh Soirée" (with additional footnotes) from Gustave de Molinari, Les Soirées de la Rue Saint-Lazare; entretiens sur les lois économiques et defense de la propriété (Paris: Guillaumin, 1849), "Onzième Soirée," pp. 303-37.
  8. 28 March, 2015: "The Liberal Roots of American Conservatism: Bastiat and the French Connection." A paper given to the Philadelphia Society meeting March 27-29, 2015 on "The Roots of American Conservatism - and its Future". HTML and PDF.


  1. 1 Dec. 2014: A paper on "Seeing the 'Unseen' Bastiat: the changing Optics of Bastiat Studies. Or, what the Liberty Fund's Translation Project is teaching us about Bastiat" given to the "Colloquium on Market Institutions & Economic Processes" at NYU
  2. 23 Sept. 2014: A paper on “Negative Railways, Turtle Soup, talking Pencils, and House owning Dogs”: “The French Connection” and the Popularization of Economics from Say to Jasay.
  3. 30 August, 2014: This is an interview I gave in Nov. 2013 about my work on the Bastiat Translation Project. I have only just now edited it to go onine. It lasts for 12 mins. [Page with video embedded.]
  4. 8 July, Sydney:"Unfortunately, hardly anyone listens to the Economists": The Battle against Socialism by the French Economists in the 1840s. A talk given at the Centre for Independent Studies. [Also available as PDF version: PDF 6.5 MB] A video of my talk is available from youtube and a more compressed version here. The talk lasts for 47 mins. [Page with video embedded.]
  5. Indianapolis, ANZAC Day 25 April: “How we Remember War.” A Talk given at the Indy Aussies group on ANZAC Day in Indianapolis, Indiana in 2014. [PDF 377 KB].
  6. 4 Feb. 2014, Colorado Springs, Colorado: “Bastiat’s Lessons for the 21st Century: The Broken Window Fallacy Revisited (again and again” [PDF 8.3 MB] and "Frédéric Bastiat: The Man and the Statesman (and much more)" [PDF 8.6 MB]. Talks given to the Colordo Springs Bastiat Society.


  1. 24 November, Tampa, Florida: “On Ricochets, Hidden Channels, and Negative Multipliers: Bastiat on Calculating the Economic Costs of ‘The Unseen’.” A Paper given at the History of Thought Session of the Society for the Development of Austrian Economics.
    Southern Economic Association 83rd Annual Meeting, November 23-25, 2013. Full paper [PDF 725 KB] and lecure overheads [PDF 2.2 MB].
  2. October 31, Wichita, Kansas: “Frédéric Bastiat’s Lessons for the 21st Century: The Broken Window Fallacy Revisited (again and again).” Talk given to the Wichita Bastiat Society. [PDF 11 MB]. The talk lasts for 49 mins. [Page with video embedded.]
  3. October 17, Indianapolis, Indiana: “An Introduction to the Economic Thought of Frédéric Bastiat.” Talk given to Students from the Economics Department of Ball State University. [PDF 7.9 MB].
  4. 26 April, College of New Jersey: "Frédéric Bastiat (1801-50): Campaigner for Free Trade, Political Economist, and Politician in a Time of Revolution." [PDF 8.4 MB].
  5. April 14-16, 2013, Maui: “Bastiat’s Lessons for the 21st Century: The Broken Window Fallacy Revisited (again and again).” Paper given to the Association of Private Enterprise Education (APEE) annual conference. Full paper [PDF 273 KB] and lecture overheads [PDF 1.8 MB].
  6. 17 January, Charlotte, NC: "Frédéric Bastiat (1801-50): Campaigner for Free Trade, Political Economist, and Politician in a Time of Revolution." Talk given to the Charlotte Bastiat Society. [PDF 18.8 MB].The talks lasts for 1 hr 10 mins. [Page with video embedded.]


  1. November 14: “How not to make Economics “Dull and Boring”: The Contribution of Frédéric Bastiat (1801-1850)”, Institute for Economic Affairs, London
  2. October 1, 2012: "Political Propaganda and the State: On Seeing through the Culture of Authority", Institute for Liberal Studies & Laurier Students for Liberty, Wilfrid Laurier University, Waterloo, Ontario. Lecture slide show [PDF 13 MB]
  3. 29 September, 2012: Frédéric Bastiat (1801-1850) and Rethinking Classical Economics in the mid-19th Century, Institute for Liberal Studies, A Brief History of Economic Thought, The University of Toronto
  4. July 7-13, 2012: Institute for Humane Studies Summer Seminar on Liberty and Society: Bryn Mawr College, Philadelphia (July 7-13, 2012).
  5. June 7: Talk to the Bastiat Society of Delaware, Wilmington. "Bastiat: The Self-Taught Economist."
  6. June 1: Paper on “'Is Biography History?' The Relationship between Ideas and Action in the Life of Frédéric Bastiat (1801-1850): A Biographical Approach" [PDF 1.3 MB] at the Historical Society's 2012 Conference, University of South Carolina, Columbia, South Carolina.
  7. April 28: ANZAC Day address to the Indy Aussies [to come]
  8. April 7: "Frédéric Bastiat’s Distinction between Legal and Illegal Plunder" - A Paper given at the Molinari Society Session “Explorations in Philosophical Anarchy” at the Pacific Meeting of the American Philosophical Society, Seattle WA, 7 April, 2012



  1. December 2-4: Centre for Independent Studies Liberty & Society Seminar - Study Guide [HTML] A History of the Classical Liberal Tradition - Lecture Overhead [PDF 18.8 MB]
  2. December 1: Bastiat Forum, Sydney - Why Broken Windows and Candles Matter: The Continuing Importance of Frédéric Bastiat - Lecture Overhead [PDF 4.1 MB]
  3. November 29: Centre for Independent Studies, Sydney - public lecture on Images of Liberty & Power [PDF 41.2 MB]
  4. November 26: Mises Seminar, Sydney - the Workers Party Platform [PDF 3.1 MB] and now in HTML at - Lecture Overhead "How Austrian were the French?" [PDF 6.7 MB]
  5. 14 October: Cato Institute Book Forum (on Bastiat, Collected Works vol. 1) at the Cato Institute and the Atlas Economic Research Foundation, Washington D.C. The presentation in [HTML] and [PDF 5 MB].
  6. October 1, 2011, University of Chicago: Students for Liberty Midwest Reginal Conference, lecture on "Propaganda and Obedience to the State" - lecture presentation [PDF 14.7 MB] [slide show]
  7. September 26, 2011, IU Bloomington IN: Talk on Bastiat at the Workshop on Political Theory and Policy Analysis
  8. August 3, 2011, Charleston, SC: Talk on Bastiat to the Bastiat Society.
  9. July 16-22, 2011: Institute for Humane Studies Summer Seminar on Liberty and Society: Bryn Mawr College, Philadelphia.
  10. July 12, 2011 Perth, Western Australia: St. George's College, University of Western Australia- Frédéric Bastiat (1801-50): Campaigner for Free Trade, Political Economist, and Politician in a Time of Revolution
  11. July 12, 2011, Fremantle, Western Australia: Seminar at Notre Dame University on Frédéric Bastiat’s Rhetoric of Liberty in the Economic Sophisms (1846-1850)
  12. July 11, 2011, Perth, Mannkal Economic Education Foundation: Sun Downer Lecture on "The State and the Ruling Class" [lecture PDF 10.2 MB] [Spectrum of State Power PDF 48 KB] [Schematic of Class Structure PDF 256 KB]
  13. July 11, 2011, Perth: Seminar at the Mannkal Economic Education Foundation on "Ideas and the Internet: The Prospects for Liberty" [lecture PDF 7.2 MB]
  14. July 5-8, 2011, RMIT Melbourne, Victoria: a paper given at the History of Economic Thought Society of Australia (HETSA) annual meeting - Frédéric Bastiat’s Rhetoric of Liberty in the Economic Sophisms (1846-1850) - Lecture Overhead - 40% discount on Bastiat vol. 1
  15. May 28 - June 3, 2011: Institute for Humane Studies Summer Seminar on Liberty and Society, Wake Forest University.
    1. The State and the Ruling Class
    2. A Brief History of Bills of Rights
    3. The State and Modern War
    4. The Culture of Liberty vs. the Culture of Authority
  16. April 20, 2011: From the Vaults (1987). The first course I ever taught was a full year course at the University of Adelaide in the Department of History called "Liberal Europe and Social Change, 1815-1914". It covered the intellectual history of European classical liberal thought in the context of the historical change during the century from the fall of Napoleon to the outbreak of the First World War. An alternate title might have been "The Decline and Fall of the European Classical Liberal Tradition." I put it online because it still might be useful to people who are interested in this intellectual tradition. [PDF 10.2 MB]
  17. April 6, 2011: "The Liberty Fund & and the Battle for Ideas about Liberty" and "A Brief Introduction to the Thought of Frédéric Bastiat", a talk to the Mt. Hamilton Society, Silicon Valley Capital Club, Knight Ridder Building, San Jose.
  18. April 4, 2011: "Frédéric Bastiat (1801-1850): Campaigner for Free Trade, Political Economist, & Politician in a Time of Revolution", David S. Saurman Provocative Lecture Series, Dept. of Economics, San Jose State University.
  19. April 2, 2011: "Celebrating Economics & Liberty," Arizona Society of Economic Teachers, Phoenix, Arizona
    1. Breakout Session: "How to use Liberty Fund's online resources on Economics."
    2. Keynote Address: Frédéric Bastiat (1801-1850): Campaigner for Free Trade, Political Economist, & Politician in a Time of Revolution
  20. March 12, 2011: Three publishing proposals for a 21st Century Guillaumin Library of Classical Liberal Thought:
    1. A 40 Volume Collection of Classic Works of 19th Century Classical Liberal Thought
    2. The Writings of Gustave de Molinari (1819-1912)
    3. Tracts on Liberty by the Levellers and their Critics (1638-1659), 7 volumes
  21. February 26 , 2011: Lecture on Frédéric Bastiat (1801-1850): Campaigner for Free Trade, Political Economist, & Politician in a Time of Revolution, "Evening at FEE", Foundation for Economic Education, Irvington-on-Hudson, NY, February 26, 2011, 6.15-9.30 pm.
  22. February 18, 2011: Talk to staff at the Institute for Humane Studies, Arlington VA on the features of the Online Library of Liberty [PDF]
  23. February 17, 2011: Lecture on Frédéric Bastiat (1801-1850): Campaigner for Free Trade, Political Economist, & Politician in a Time of Revolution, George Mason University, Fairfax VA.
  24. February 8, 2011: Lecture on The Importance of Frédéric Bastiat at Ball State University, Muncie, Indiana.
  25. January 12, 2011: some of my study guides on art have been translated into Italian and now appear on
    1. on Picasso's Guernica - Guerra e Arte: Guernica. Pablo Picasso dalla guerra civile spagnola al Vietnam. [PDF copies here: Part 1 [PDF 695 KB] & Part 2 [PDF 1.66 MB] but much more at the website].
    2. a comparison of official portraits of George Washington and Napoleon - Un paragone tra i ritratti di Napoleone Bonaparte (1812) e George Washington (1796) [PDF copy here PDF 500 KB] [along with a very nice comparison they came up with (also PDF with text)]



  1. November 15-16, 2010: Two Lectures on "The Culture of Liberty vs. the Culture of Authority":
    1. Lecture 1: Reflections on Liberty and Power in Modern Art, the Westervelt-Warner Museum of American Art, Tuscaloosa, Alabama.
    2. Lecture 2: Marching to the Beat of a Different Drummer. The Liberty + Power Lectures, Department of History, the University of Alabama.
  2. November 2010: War and Peace in the Art of Pablo Picasso: "Guernica" (1937)
  3. 2010 - an Italian translation of my article on "Pablo Picasso (1881-1973): From the Spanish Civil War to Vietnam."
  4. October-November 2010: Lecture on Frédéric Bastiat (1801-1850): Campaigner for Free Trade, Political Economist, & Politician in a Time of Revolution
    1. Webinar for Students for Liberty, 1 November, 2010
    2. Institute for Liberal Studies, University of Ottawa, 15 October, 2010
  5. August 24, 2010: Centre for Independent Studies talk on Ideas and the Internet: The Prospects for Liberty [PDF 5.9 MB].
  6. August 20, 2010: 1974 English Class Reunion.
  7. July 24-30, 2010: Institute for Humane Studies Summer Seminar Morality, Capitalism, and Freedom.
  8. June 2010: Classical Liberal Theories of Class and the State at the Foundation of Economic Education Summer Seminar on Liberty and History.

Pre-2010 Talks

  1. 2009 - Paper given to the Association of Core Texts and Courses annual meeting 17 April, 2009 on "MEMORY, INVENTION, DELIVERY: TRANSMITTING AND TRANSFORMING KNOWLEDGE AND CULTURE IN LIBERAL ARTS EDUCATION FOR THE FUTURE". Paper title: "The Changing Fortunes of the Joint Publication of J.S. Mill’s On Liberty and The Subjection of Women: 1874-2009" [PDF] - HTML
  2. 2008 - articles in The Encyclopedia of Libertarianism, ed. Ronald Hamowy (Los Angeles: Sage, 2008):
  3. April 2007: ANZAC Day Commemoration Address given to the Indianapolis Australian Society
  4. April 29, 2006: Anzac Day Commemoration Address given to the Indianapolis Australian Society
  5. January 26, 2006: Talk to Eastwood Middle School 7th Grade Social Studies Class on Everything you thought you wanted to know about Australia on Australia Day.
  6. January 25, 2005: Talk on the history of the Bill of Rights to the Association of International Women, Indianapolis.
  7. 2005 - article on "War and Peace in the Arts" in the New Dictionary of the History of Ideas, ed. Maryanne Cline Horowitz (New York: Charles Scribner's Sons, 2005), vol. 6, pp. 2454-2460 [2.3 MB PDF]
  8. May 9, 2004: A working paper entitled War and Peace in the Visual Arts.
  9. March 7, 2004: Question and Answer Activity Sheet for 5th Graders at Allisonville Elementary School, Indianapolis for a field trip to the Indianapolis War Memorial Museum. In PDF format - Questions only 44 KB - Questions and my Answers 64 KB.
  10. January 25, 2004: Talk on Picasso's war art to the Honors Program in the Faculty of Arts, James Madison University, Virginia.
  11. December 14, 2003: Presentation on the history of Bills of Rights to Allisonville Elementary School, Indianapolis.
  12. July 23, 2003: Go to my Lecture Outlines for the Cato University Summer Seminar, August 2-8, 2003 in San Diego, CA
  13. 2001 - a draft of a paper written in April 2001: "Gustave de Molinari and the Future of Liberty: "Fin de siècle, fin de la liberté"? [PDF 184 KB]
  14. 2000 - an incomplete paper which I gave at the Australian Historical Association 2000 Conference "Futures in the Past": "The Future of Individual Liberty: Classical Liberals confron the New Century (1900 and 2000)". [PDF 216 KB]
  15. 1998 - "Dulce et decorum est pro patria mori: The Idea of the "Sweet and Fitting Death for the Fatherland" and its Critics in Selected War Films", a paper given at the Australian and New Zealand History and Film Conference, "National Cinemas: Sites of Resistance?", Queensland Cultural Cenbtre, Brisbane, Queensland, 28-30 November 1998 [PDF 283 KB]
  16. 1997 - "The Idea of the Withering Away of the State: 19th Century Liberal and Marxist Perspectives", a draft paper presented to the Department of History Research Seminar, Univesity of Adelaide, 1 December 1997. [PDF 651 KB] [HTML version]
  17. 1994 - my PhD dissertation: Class Analysis, Slavery and the Industrialist Theory of History in French Liberal Thought, 1814-1830: The Radical Liberalism of Charles Comte and Charles Dunoyer (unpublished PhD, King's College Cambridge, 1994). [See below for details of versions]
  18. 1993 - "Responses to War: War Films and the Teaching of History", a paper given to "Screening the Past" The VIth Australian History and Film Conference, La Trobe University, Melbourne, Australia, 30 November - 4 December 1993. [PDF 221 KB]
  19. 1990 - "Arguments against Slavery in France during the Restoration: From Art to Political Economy": a paper presented the the Departmental Seminar, Department of History, University of Adelaide, 15 October 1990. [PDF 185 KB]
  20. 1989 - "The Debate about the Profitability of Slavery in French Politicial Economy during the 1820s", a paper delivered to the History of Economic Thought Society of Australasia, Biennial Conference, July 3-6 1989, Australian National University, Canberra ACT. [PDF 478 KB]
  21. 1989 - "The Importance of the Liberal Arts to Education: An Historian's Perspective", a paper given to the Australian Academy of the Humanities Symposium and Annual Lecture, "The Relevance of the Humanities", 22 September, 1989, University House, Australian National university, Canberra, ACT. [HTML 39 KB]
  22. 1982 - The Humane Studies Review: A Research and Study Guide (1982-1986) [15.8 MB PDF]
  23. 1979 - my thesis on "Gustave de Molinari and Anti-statist Tradition"
    • a facsimile PDF of the original thesis published in September 1979 with quotes in French [PDF 8.3 MB]
    • articles on Gustave de Molinari in the Journal of Libertarian Studies (1981-1982)
    • Gustave de Molinari and Anti-statist Tradition Part 1, vol. V, no. 3 (Summer 1981) [1.1 MB PDF]; Part 2, Vol. V, no. 4 (Fall 1981) [1.3 MB PDF]; Part 3, Vol. VI, No. 1, (Winter 1982) [792 KB PDF]
    • an HTML version (384KB) (but without the bibliography)
    • a PDF version of the thesis better formatted [to come]