Italian Classical Liberals

[Created: 14 July, 2010]
[Updated: January 31, 2023 ]


Here is a collection of some of my favourite Italian classical liberals.



Scrittori classici italiani di economia politica

This sizable collection of nearly 50 volumes shows the depth and breadth of Italian polical economy in the 18th century. It first came to my attention via reading the correspondence of Frédéric Bastiat who asked his friend and colleague Ricahard Cobden to purchase the set while he was visiting Italy. He did and Bastiat was very grateful. In another letter Bastiat said that some of these theorists, although relatively unknown, were the equal of Turgot and Adam Smith. They are available on Google Books and we plan to add them to the Guillaumin collection, begining with the 50th index volume. Note: the collection also includes the work of Filangieri who considerably influenced the thinking of Benjamin Constant.

  • First Series: Parte antica (1803-1804), 7 vols.
  • Second Series: Parte moderna (1803-1805), 41 vols.
  • Vol. 49 Supplimento (1816).
  • Vol. 50 Indici (1816). [PDF 8.4 MB].



Gerolamo Boccardo (1829-1904)


[to come].

Works at this Website

Dizionario della economia politica e del commercio, così teorico come pratico, utile non solo allo scienziato ed al pubblico amministratore ma eziando al commerciante, al banchiere, all'agricoltore ed al capitalista. Opera originale italiana de professore Gerolamo Boccardo. (Torino: Sebatiano Franco e figli e comp.: 1857-1861). 4 vols.

  • Volume primo A-C (1857) - [PDF 47.4 MB].
  • Volume secondo D-Laz (1858) - [PDF 42.2 MB].
  • Volume terzo Le-Paz (1859) - [PDF 63.1 MB]. The Google edition is missing pp. 561-600 of the original. Someone has laboriously transcribed by hand the contents of these pages and they were scanned instead. I have scanned these pages from my original copy of this edition and have inserted them in the PDF file.
  • Volume quarto Pe-Z (1861) - [PDF 45.8 MB].

Dizionario universale di economia politica e di commercio del professore Gerolamo Boccardo. Seconda edizione notevolmente ampliata e migliorata dell' Autore. (Milano: Fratelli Treves: 1875-77). 2 vols.