Gustave de Molinari
(3 March 1819 - 28 January 1912)

Founding Father of the Anarcho-Capitalist Tradition

[Commemorating the Centennial of his death at 92 years of age on 28 January, 1912 in Adinkerke, Belgium]


Created: November 6, 2011
Updated: December 1, 2018


[Photos of Molinari's grave site in Paris. Thanks to Roderick Long.] [Top: a photograph of Moinari which accompanied Guyot's obituary oin the JDE, February 1912.]
[Bottom: Molinari's signature in a book of his I own.]


Further Reading

  • Biography
    • Obituary by Yves Guyot in the Journal des Économistes, T. 33, Février, 1912, pp. 177-196. [PDF 855 KB]. I plan to translate this important document with many personal details about Molinari's life and work.
    • I also plan to do a detailed timeline of his life and work.
  • Bibliography [with links to 36 of his books in PDF format]
  • My thesis on Molinari
  • Molinari and the emergence of anarcho-capitalist theory