Randolph Silliman Bourne (1886-1918)

  “pro patria per orbi concordiam”
(for the fatherland by means of global harmony/agreement)



Texts in the Collection

The Tradition of War (June, 1914, No. 79) (New York City: American Association for International Conciliation).

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The pamphlet version of The War and the Intellectuals. Reprinted from “The Seven Arts”. Published by the American Union against Militarism (NYC). There is a flyer on the back page which describes the principles of the Union [image].

The frot page quote is from Shakespeare:

" — what plea so tainted and corrupt,
But, being seasoned with a gracious voice,
Obscures the show of evil? ...
What damned error, but some sober brow
Will bless it, and approve it with a text? ... " [Merchant of Venice, Act III., sc. 2.]

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A collection of his essays published after his death: Untimely Papers. By Randolph Bourne. Foreword By the Editor James Oppenheim (New York B. W. Huebsch MCMXIX, 1919).

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  • I. Old Tyrannies
  • II. The War and the Intellectuals
  • III. Below The Battle
  • IV. The Collapse of American Strategy
  • V. A War Diary
  • VI. Twilight of Idols
  • VII. Unfinished Fragment on The State