Molinari’s “Eleventh Soirée” on the private provision of security

Date: 6 April, 2015


A revised translation of Molinari’s “Eleventh Soirée” on the private provision of police and defence will be published in an anthology on Panarchy: Political Theories of Non-Territorial States edited by Aviezer Tucker and Gian Piero de Bellis for Routledge (2016). I updated the translation and added many footnotes.

I originally translated it as part of my Honours Thesis on Molinari submitted to Macquarie University, Sydney in 1979. It was subsequently published as “Gustave de Molinari and the Anti-statist Liberal Tradition” in three parts in the Journal of Libertarian Studies, Vol. 5, nos. 3 and 4 and Vol. 6, no. 1 (1981-82); and then in Edward Stringham’s anthology Anarchy and the Law: The Political Economy of Choice (Independent Studies in Political Economy, 2007).

The ToC is:

Introduction Aviezer Tucker

Part I: Classical Foundations

  • Panarchy Paul Emile de Puydt
  • Panarchy: A forgotten Idea of 1860 Max Nettlau
  • On the Production of Security Gustave de Molinari
  • The Evenings of the rue Saint-Lazare, Eleventh Evening Gustave de Molinari
  • The Cosmopolitan Union
  • The Gospel of Panarchy John Zube
  • Anarchy, Panarchy and Statism John Zube
  • Panarchy – Described by the simple system of Aphthonius John Zube

Part II: Contemporary theory and philosophy

  • A Foundation for Panarchy Michael Rozeff
  • Why Government Should Be Voluntarily Chosen Michael Rozeff
  • The Right to Walk Away Gene Callahan
  • The unbundled state: Economic theory of non-territorial unbundling Trent J. MacDonald
  • The Best States: Panarchy as an Anti-Utopia Aviezer Tucker
  • he Nakamoto Consensus: A Framework for Ending Bad Governance Michael Gibson
  • The Great Thought Experiment Max Borders

Part III: Historical Precedents

  • Extraterritoriality Shih Shun Liu
  • Non-Territorial Governance, Mankind’s Forgotten Legacy Richard C.B. Johnsson
  • Choose Your Own Nationality Yves Plasseraud

Part IV: Hybrid Non-territorial and Territorial Models

  • Virtual Cantons Roderick T. Long
  • A Utopia? Government without Territorial Monopoly Bruno Frey
  • Federalism and Non Territorial Minorities Dietmar Kneitschel

Source: Gustave de Molinari, Les Soirées de la Rue Saint-Lazare; entretiens sur les lois économiques et defense de la propriété (Evenings on Saint Lazarus Street: Conversations about Economic Laws and Property) (Paris: Guillaumin, 1849), “Onzième Soirée,” pp. 303-37.

A working draft of Liberty Fund’s translation of Les Soirées de la rue Saint-Lazare (Evenings on Saint Lazarus Street) (1849) can be found here.

An HTML of the original French version is here.