40th Anniversary of the 1978 Cato Summer Seminar in Political Economy

I was going through some old papers and came across the program and my lecture notes for the second ever Cato Summer Seminar in Political Economy which took place at Stanford University in 5-12 August 1978 (the first one took place a month earlier at Wake Forrest). Among the alumni are Ross Levatter, David Lips, Milton Mueller, Tom Palmer, Laurie Rantala, Paul Silverman, and Chris Weber.

The lectures were as follows:

Roy Childs

  1. The Prospects for Liberty
  2. The Ethics of Liberty
  3. People and Land Control
  4. History of the Modern Libertarian Movement 4.

Bill Evers

  1. The Ethics of Liberty
  2. Comparative Political Movements: Conservatism and Libertarianism

Walter Grinder

  1. The Austrian School of Economics
  2. The History of American Foreign Policy
  3. Libertarian Class Analysis
  4. American Power Elites

Murray Rothbard

  1. The History of American Domestic Policy
  2. Theory of Social Change
  3. Domestic Policy Issues
  4. The Future of Liberty

Ronald Hamowy

  1. Topics in American History

Alvin Rabushka

  1. Third World Development

Leonard Liggio

  1. Constituencies for Liberty
  2. American Political Parties and Voting Behavior
  3. Third World Development

Ralph Raico

  1. Comparative Political Movements: Marxism
  2. History of Libertarian Thought

William Marina

  1. Foreign Policy Issues

Ed Crane

  1. What is to be done?

Is it a coincidence that 40 years later I co-edited a book on libertarian class analysis (thanks Walter Grinder), hosted an online discussion on the failings of Marxism (thanks Bill Evers), spent much of the year fretting about strategies for radical social change (thanks Murray Rothbard), and finished putting online a 7 volume collection of Leveller writings from the 17th century (thanks Murray Rothbard and Ralph Raico)? I think perhaps not. From little seeds grow …