Archive of Liberty and Power 3


On the Online Library of Liberty I have written a number of "illustrated essays" on important Images about Liberty and Power :

  1. The Gold Standard vs. Fiat Paper Money
  2. Eugène Delacroix on Press Censorship during the Restoration (1814-1822)
  3. Mises on Rationing and Price Controls in WW2
  4. A Monument to Frédéric Bastiat (1878)
  5. John Locke and Thomas Hollis
  6. Jacques Callot, Hugo Grotius, and the Miseries of War in the 17th Century
  7. The Spanish-American War and the Anti-Imperialism League (1902)
  8. Brueghel, Taxes, and the Numeration of the People of Bethlehem (1566)
  9. New Playing Cards for the French Republic (1793-94)
  10. Abraham Lincoln as the "Federal Phoenix" (1864)
  11. Algernon Sidney (1622-1683) and the Thomas Hollis Library of Liberty
  12. Presidents Day and the Apotheosis of Washington
  13. The Très Riches Heures du Duc de Berry (1416)
  14. Lilburne quoting Coke on English Liberties at his treason trial (1649)
  15. Thomas Jefferson in the Cyclopedia
  16. James Gillray on War and Taxes during the War against Napoleon
  17. Liberty slaying the Monsters of Tyranny and Oppression
  18. Images of the British Abolitionist Movement
  19. The Divine Right of Kings or Regal Tyranny? (Hobbes and Lilburne)
  20. Monuments to Free Trade: Bastiat and Cobden
  21. The Earl of Shaftesbury on Liberty and Harmony
  22. The People and the Ruling Elite in Caricatures (Wade and Daumier)
  23. Shaftesbury's Illustrations for Characteristicks (1732)
  24. Washington and Napoleon in their Study

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 Archive of Images of Liberty and Power 1 and 2


This is a list of the "Featured Images" which have appeared on my main website over the past year or so:

Archive 1

Archive 2

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