The deification of King Kim II has begun


According to an article in the Guardian the deification of Kim Jong-Il has already begun:

When Kim Jong-il was born on the sacred mountain of Paekdu, a star rose above the spot and shone brightly, a double rainbow appeared and spring broke out spontaneously. Did we mention that his nativity was foretold by a swallow? The KCNA line is that once the dreadful days surrounding Kim Jong-il's death are over, a "spring of prosperity under Socialism will surely come to the country thanks to the patriotic devotion of Kim Jong-il who blocked the howling wind of history till the last moments of his life". "The sky turned red, it went on, and cracks appeared in frozen lakes. A Manchurian crane then bowed its head in grief."

Before we get too cocky about the poor North Koreans' love of their departed tyrant we should recall how readily Americans deified George Washington and Abraham Lincoln after their deaths. The worship of power and the powerful is a universal phenomenon, both in democracies and in communist societies.


[Unknown, "The Apotheosis of Washington and Lincoln" (1865)] [See larger image]

Posted: Wednesday - December 28, 2011 at 06:46 PM