War and Violence in the Work of Ronald Searle (1920-2011) Part II 

[See Part I of this essay on Searle]

Here are some other cartoons and illustrations which deal with political and military issues:


[The Anatomy of a Warrior] [See a larger version of this image]


["Mercenaries"] [See a larger version of this image]


[Ethnic Cleansing] [See a larger version of this image]

The image below is very much in the style of Honoré Daumier's bitter cartoons of the German Wars of Unification during the 1860s, especially "Peace Idyll".


[After the Atomic Apocalypse] [See a larger version of this image]


[Daumier, "Peace Idyll"]

Here are some miscellaneous pictures which I found interesting and/or amusing:


[A drawing of a deer in the style of Picasso's horse in Guernica]


[Wounded Horse from Picasso's "Guernica" (1937)]


[London: Revolt in Trafalgar Square, 1964] [See a larger version of this image]

The image below is the reverse of the Scandinavian idea of the Yule Goat which takes from the children at Christmas. Here the children hijack Santa and seize the toys themselves. See this post.


[Robbing Santa: "This one is for you, this one for me"] [See a larger version of this image]

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