The State and the Ruling Class: A More Detailed Description

[Created September 30, 2011]
[Updated September 30, 2011]


A Schematic Diagram showing the Institutions and Class Structure of the State
A Key to this Schematic Diagram
A larger version in JPG or PDF
A larger version in JPG or PDF


I have taken the above schematic description of the nature of class rule and adapted it to fit different historical periods and different groups within the ruling elite. The images can be found in one PDF file 312KB or separately below:


An abstract depiction of class relations in a class ruled society. Taxes are transmitted upwards from the "Net Tax Payers" on the bottom to the "Net Tax Receivers" and memebers of the "Ruling Elite" at teh very top.


The class structure of a typical old regime state pre-19th century in which "Throne and Altar" play the prominenet role.


In the second half of the 20th century, especially in the American state, the Military-Industrial Complex and National Security institutions play a most important role.


In the post-WW2 period the Welfare State became the largest consumer of taxes in Europe and the US and had a class to administer the instutitions and benefit from the transfer payments.


When you combine the two we now have a massive super state which can only be described as a "Welfare-Warfare State" - with European states giving priority to the Welfare State and the US priority to the Warfare State


One then wonders what burdens the modern Atlas now has to bear and how long he will be able to do so